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23 March 2006 @ 01:44 pm
The Character Creation Rules of NSI  

This text was taken from the following post: http://neosouthisland.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=1371

Hi there!

The following rules can be used as a guideline to help you create a good character to Role-Play with here, and make sure everyone has fun!

Keep in mind that the rules are constantly changing, adapting to make things easier.

Don't forget the most important rule, is to have fun!

Existing / Official Character - Characters created by Sonic Team themselves, such as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and others.
Original Character - Your own creation
RP - Role-Play/Role-Playing
Canon - True form or nature. Things that correspond to the storyline created by Sonic Team. (For a complete list of canon games and characters, please refer to the Canon Guide.)
IC - In-Character. Playing the role of the character.
OOC - Out-of-Character. Speaking as yourself and not your character.


These rules create the basic mold for what your character can and cannot do.

I. -Characters should be based upon the “Sonic the Hedgehog” Video Game Series, and only that. Alternate Universes such as Archie, SatAM, ETC (Any Animated Show, including Sonic X, or Comic Book) will not be recognized here. In addition, Game Continuity is important. Yes, Station Square is being rebuilt, and Yes there is a hole in the moon.

II. -No character whose first name is the same as an existing character shall be applied for. Just to prevent confusion, and is common sense.

III. -The Echidna species is not available for application, as it has been proven that Knuckles is the last remaining Echidna. Until Sonic Team decides otherwise, this will remain in effect here. (Note: Tikal is not living, so she does not count.)

IV. -Hybrid species shall not be applied for if the character is your first or primary Role-playing Character. Mythical Creatures are not to be applied for either. If you have Role-Played with your Primary character for at least a month, and/or have shown satisfactory writing and competency levels, then a Hybrid Character may be allowed. (Note: No hybridizing your character with a flying creature, just so you can have wings. Also, do not create your own species. If it doesn’t exist in real life, don’t use it here.)

V. -Your character should not be an exact copy, or clone of an existing character.
This means no “Shadow Look-alikes”, recolor characters, or “Looks like so-and-so but isn’t”.

VI. -No Relations! Relations for existing characters such as Brother/Sister (Mother, Daughter, Cousin, Uncle, Twice removed, etc.) should not be applied for. In addition, you may not apply for a character that is romantically involved, best/good friends with, or is known by an existing character. It is unfair to them to write your character into their story, and obviously they don’t exist in the games.

VII. -No matter what the reasoning, your character may not be Faster than Sonic, Stronger than Knuckles, Smarter than Eggman, or better than any Existing Character’s special talent. This includes Better Treasure Hunter than Rouge or Fang.

VIII. -No “Project: Shadow” or any ARK Related characters. ARK is long-gone, and has been left and abandoned. It was wiped previously by GUN of any remaining Projects, Experiments or otherwise. Your character was NOT involved in the ARK Incident, or their family, or anyone close to them. Additionally, GUN never participated in any experimentation, including kidnapping people for no reason. Experimentation on a random test-subject or creature does NOT entitle your character to strange or bizarre powers.

IX. -Chaos Emeralds are Hard to Find. The only reason Sonic seems to encounter them so ‘easily’ is because he’s looking for them, for a reason. They don’t appear out of nowhere, and they will most likely not interact with your character. Only three Characters have been shown to interact with the Chaos Emerald’s Energy; Sonic, Chaos and Shadow. (Sonic 3 & Knuckles doesn’t count, as Super Emeralds were a gimmick, not really functional.) Just because you cannot have a Chaos Emerald, also does not mean you can create your own special jewels, gems, or nick-knacks that contain power.

X. -Chaos Drives, while you can find them on the Message Board for your Chao, are not that easily obtainable In-Character. Since the second ARK Incident, GUN has removed their units, as Sonic is no longer a threat. Because of that, Chaos Drives, which were found inside GUN units, may be more difficult to come by. Their power is also very minimal compared to the Chaos Emeralds themselves, so their power will be a weak spark.

XI. -Don’t give your character too many abilities/powers! Overpowering your character makes them difficult to Role Play with, particularly if their powers cancel out each other (i.e. Light and Dark, Fire and Water). The key is in moderation. Even Existing Characters don’t have an incredible amount; so don’t make them seem like a Pokémon. Chaos Emeralds will always, by default, have more "Magic" than anything else in the world.


These are additions and slight changes to the rules above that were created over time.

IV. i. - Hybrids consisting of Mythical Creatures will also not be allowed.

IV. ii. - Mythical Creatures will only be allowed if you prove to have effective writing skills as well as being a competent Role-Player.

IV. iii. - Ghosts, Gouls, Demons, Vampires, Angels, and everything Supernatural fall under the "Mythical Creature" section of definition.

VII. i. - One also cannot be on par with an Official Character's special ability. This means while you are not faster than Sonic, you still cannot be as fast as him, either. You cannot "keep up with" Sonic. No one can match his speed. This is effective on all Official Character special abilities.
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